Massive Data Reduction

Continuum observations

As part of the Survey of Orion Disks with ALMA (SODA) project (van Terwisga, Hacar, van Dishoeck, Oonk, and Portegies Zwart, 2022), we investigate a total of 872 proto-planetary disks with ALMA in the Orion A cloud. Tailored for this project, EMERGE created a new scheme for the reduction of massive ALMA datasets using the SPIDER-SURF supercomputer. Contrary to previous linear methods, EMERGE creates a parallel data processing using the full capabilities of SPIDER-SURF, reducing the total reduction time by 2 orders of magnitude.

SODA workflow. (a) Standard data reduction. (b) Parallel ALMA data reduction scheme implemented on the SPIDER platform that is part of SURFsara’s Data Processing facilities.